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Where you can find interesting facts about our products and territories, learn new recipes, food itineraries, coming events.

  Taste the landscape

A path to discover the riches, the flavors, the typical landscapes of our territories.
Trades, traditions, paths that have been handed down for centuries.
The culture and passion of those who, for generations, cultivate, breed, fish and produce the products of our tradition.
From the coast to the mountains, from the plains to the hills, all the colors and scents of a "tasty" territory.


From the sea to the mountains, all the flavors of Lucca.
Tradition and innovation on the table.



The most beautiful landscapes of Lucca's food.
From the dock of the Versilia fishing boats to the mountain pasture on the Garfagnana ridge, to the fields and vegetable gardens of the Piana di Lucca.
The chestnut woods, the canals, the oil and wine hills of a Tuscany to be known.


A year of delicious appointments to get to know the flavors of our lands.
Big events and small, genuine country festivals where you can taste the flavors of the territory.


From the heart to the hands, the story of making in traditional handcrafted products.