Fishing Tourism

Wed, 10/01/2014


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What’s this?
Fishing Tourism is an integrative professional fishing craft which, through practical tourism and recreation, provides an opportunity to raise awareness, promote and pass on the techniques and the socio-cultural aspects of the ancient craft of fishing as well as the knowledge and protection of ‘marine environment. Pescatoti at the same time offers the opportunity to supplement their incomes, housing board vessels a number of persons other than flight crew, as required by current legislation (Ministerial Decree of April 13, 1999, number 293 – OJ n. 197 August 23, 1999).

What do you do?
Short trips along the coast and fishing Observation of commercial fishing: on board the tourist can observe different modes and fishing techniques such as dropped and the sail of a trammel net, a palmito or a lobster pot and learn about the traditional techniques of professional fisherman.

Catering on board or ashore when the vessel type allows it, you can enjoy directly on the dishes of fresh fish, delicious but not very commercialized species, the so-called “poor fish” cooked according to traditional recipes of local seafood.

When and Who can participate?
The Pescaturismo may be exercised throughout the year under favorable conditions of the sea, day and night (night activity can be carried out within 6 nautical miles of boats authorized to fish inshore, and within 20 nautical miles of those permitted under inshore fishing). It is doable by all; authorized boats can also accommodate children under 14 when accompanied by an adult and are equipped with all the necessary equipment for the safety of passengers. The maximum number of people that you can take on board to carry out the activity is fixed at 12 units.

Why the Pescaturismo
The “Pescaturista” has the opportunity to live a wonderful day on the boat, experience the culture and the seafaring traditions of artisanal fisheries, actively participate in the promotion and protection of the marine resources of the eco-system. The fishing tourism is, therefore, a new form of sustainable tourism. A day of fishing involves a fuel consumption and the quantity of fish caught far less than a normal day of fishing.

Fishing Tourism in Versilia (fish for the poor)
The coastline that goes from Viareggio to Marina di Massa is a great area for fishing. The shape of the coastline allows, at any time of year, to be able to try the various techniques of bottom fishing giving way to all lovers of good results.
Walking on the pier in Viareggio, near the boulevard Margherita said the “walk”, or climbing on the rocks in the Dock, you will come across often in many anglers, who come together for hours thanks to the passion, friendship and love that have for the sea.
Vessels depart early in the morning from the pier in Viareggio, and after about 2 hours of sailing, you start to look for a point in the open sea is rich in fish.
He throws the anchor and begin operations to attract the fish close to the boat, while being thrown into the sea the fish waste of the day before. The rods are prepared by the crew based on the type of fish and the depth of the area.
During the day we serve a breakfast and a lunch of fish caught and cooked by the crew.
The return is scheduled around 17:00.
Alternatively we organize trips to see dolphins present in considerable quantity in our area, or trips required by divers for their dives.

MAS 500 VG3838 (Cooperativa Mare Nostrum) : PELLEGRINI MORENO mobile. 346 0443889
EVOLUTION VG3836 (Cooperativa Mare Nostrum): MALLEGNI ALFO mobile. 360 597689
GIOVANNA 1 VG 3468 (Cooperativa ESPERIA): MERCATALI STEFANO mobile. 339 3293616
NUOVO BAGLIORE VG3611 (Cooperativa COPAV): TREMAROLI MARCO mobile. 328 2050658
SAN ANTONIO I VG3809 RUSSO SALVATORE mobile. 338 4565307
GRANFIA VG 3642 NANNI PIETRO mobile. 333 7128531

Be fishermen for one day, live the experience of artisanal fishing boat from dawn to dusk and rediscover the traditions, accompanied by tales of fishermen, from the beauty of the places and flavors of the sea.