Claudio, cultivates and protects camellias 60 species, a joy of colors.

Thu, 11/06/2014

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Claudio rather than carry out a trade, accomplished a mission, maintaining, nurturing and taking care of trees, among which about 60 camellias. Listening to him, it makes ones want to see them, in spring … maybe, when his proteges are in bloom, the, tops of their elegance. “I take care of a family-run farmhouse called” Alle Camelie “, where I contribute to the maintenance of trees included in the territory of the villa taking care of about 60 varieties of camellias along with other farmers capannorese.My company is located in Pieve di Compito just below the mountain Serra, an area in which we treat a large variety with camelias. For about twenty years I carry this organic deals, in addition to the care and preservation of ancient camellias, also the production of oil (20 tons per year), thanks to which we won two awards on the “Slow Food guide to EVOO of Italy” . We also produce wine with natural fermentation without yeast. Our uniqueness lies in the attention to their organic practices and conservation of the area, so we have also installed solar panels thus exploiting renewable energy.

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AA Alle Camelie di Claudio Orsi
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