ExtraLucca 2015

Mon, 04/13/2015


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil has come to town, within the walls of Villa Bottini, in two days of meetings involving all lovers of good food. Meetings with experts and nutritionists, challenges and cooking demonstrations by chefs, who use the extra virgin preparing their best dishes.

The EVO Oil that thas come up in the city from the farm of Lucca and other valuable territories of Italy, has certainly not stopped in the villa, but has involved the whole city in two days of celebration to appreciate the inimitable flavors of this product. So with “Extramenù” many restaurants inside and outside the walls proposed an Oil list next to their menu, to combine the right EVO Oil with the dishes prepared. In the evening with “FillungoFood” Fillungo street has become the way of taste: many participating stores welcomed artisans, chefs and producers and their culinary excellence, to allow visitors to sample the best of traditional Italian dishes.

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